Being Who We Really Are and Nothing Else

DSC08269As I pulled onto my driveway this morning I noticed a lone gardenia flower – just one from the ten or so plants we have out the front.  On first glance it seemed very insignificant – a spot of white amongst all the green – but it caught my attention and it beckoned me.  It was saying ‘just because I’m small, just because you can hardly see me, just because I’m on my own I’m still here, I’m alive, I’m beautiful’.

I grabbed my camera and came back outside to take some photos.  I started off a way away and then got closer as I took more photos.  As I did so the flower seemed to glow even brighter and, as I took some up close, it showed me it’s beauty, it’s wonderfulness and all it’s glory.  It glowed with a Divine light.

DSC08274 - Version 2

What struck me to begin with was that this flower was saying to me that it dared to stand out, it dared to be different from all the others.  Telling me so what if you are different – dare to be different.  So what if you are on your own – dare to stand out.  So what if you are not seen by many – dare to be seen by some.  It was speaking to that part of me that feels vulnerable, feels exposed, feels anxious when I’m trying to do something different, something ‘out there’, something unusual and it was letting me know that it’s ok, it’s ok try different things, it’s ok to stand tall, it’s ok to be seen.

But then something else occurred to me.  This flower wasn’t trying to be different, this flower wasn’t standing out because it was daring to, this flower wasn’t being brave.  This flower bloomed because that’s what flowers do.  In a nutshell it did what it does and that’s the beginning and the end of it.  Nature doesn’t hide, nature doesn’t have issues, nature doesn’t play games.  All nature does is be and it provides such a wonderful lesson for us.  A gardenia flower will always be a gardenia flower.  It will never try and be something different.  It will never try and be a rose, an orchid, a sunflower.  It will always be what it is and nothing else.  it grows as it always grows.  Just as it’s blueprint is encoded with a pattern for growth, flowering and nurturing, so it does just that.

If we can get in touch with our blueprint, our unique design, our identity at the most fundamental level then we can be who we really are.  We can do what we do and that’s it.  Looking to be something we are not, trying to be like everyone else, trying to go against the natural flow of who we are isn’t healthy and is never going to bring us inner peace.

Try and spend a moment doing this one thing today – take a step back and mentally do a quick self-check.  Are you speaking from the heart?  Are you being true to yourself and your values?  Are you coming from a place of kindness and truth?  If the answer to any of these questions is no, take a moment to ask yourself what you can do differently and then make the changes so that you are aligning yourself with who you truly are.



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