When One Door Closes, Another Opens

When one door closes, another door opens. How many of us have heard that expression? More of us than not I’d say and probably most of us have said it at one time or another.

What though if one door has closed but the next one hasn’t opened? What if we were expecting it to open by itself, but instead find we have to walk up to it and do it ourselves? What if we have our hand on the knob but can’t bring ourselves to turn it, for fear of what’s on the other side?

The fear of the unknown can be far worse than the thought of another door not opening for us. Sometimes though, even though we may be really scared, all we need to do is open the door just a bit and the light will come flooding in. It’s certainly not as frightening as throwing the door wide open and, lets face it, how many of us are going to do that anyway – there could be anything behind that door!  But just a crack isn’t so daunting and the light it lets in enables us to see so much more than when the door was closed. In fact, we may be amazed at how much light is coming through that very small gap.


Once we’ve opened the door very slightly, our eyes adjust to the new light level and then we may be able to open the door even more.


The pattern of light changes but it’s still there. It’s not so sharp, but there’s more of it.

Then, when we feel comfortable, we can open the door even more. After a while our eyes become completely accustomed to the light and we don’t even notice it any more. We forget how daunting it was just to walk up to it and how much energy it took to put our hand on the knob. Now it’s just normal – now we can’t imagine anything different – now we can’t even remember how we felt before we opened it.


Another thing to consider when we are facing a new door not yet opened; how lucky we are that we have one. Sometimes we are desperate for change and no door presents itself. If you are standing looking at a door now – unsure of what to do next – and you can pluck up the courage to open it ever so slightly, the light flooding in may light your way for years to come.

And what I hadn’t thought about until now is that the door, even when closed, often shows the light waiting to come in and it’s a lovely feeling thinking that the glowing light could be behind every door we’ve not yet opened.


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